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While I welcome intelligent, interesting or controversial discussion, a recent increase in spam and other problem comment traffic spurred me to post an official policy on comments.

  • Your first comment will be moderated.
  • The WordPress spam filters will mark all comments with multiple links as spam and I will rarely, if ever, unspam them.
  • I will tag pointless, inane comments posted solely to include a link to your website as spam. If you want a link, earn it by posting something interesting.
  • Rambling, obscenity-filled screeds will be tagged as spam. I will generally allow articulate and / or interesting screeds, but what I deem to be articulate and / or interesting will vary with my mood. If you don’t like that please take your ball and go home.
  • If you’ve got a specific comment about one of the many journal or news articles I’ve linked to here and you expect me to respond to it in an intelligent way you’ll have to post enough information about that article to make it very easy for me to find the specific section / sentence / quote / mistake / other hot button you’re talking about. I’m not psychic and I don’t have time to pore through pages of text to advance your agenda. So, if you don’t make it easy for me to find the bit you’re talking about, I will exercise the right to ignore you, block you or mock you depending on my mood.

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  • 1. Botts  |  July 13, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Hello I have just found out that my dog Storm has been diagnosed with ALS. I am sick to my stomach and just heartbroken. She has gone from being a nonstop Siberian Husky to good days and bad ones now. They have given her maybe 1-2 years. I just need someone to talk to that’s been here and what I can do to help fight this horrific disease for both human and animals. Please help us thanks Botts and Storm.

  • 2. Chad James  |  September 28, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Please respond back to me – I worked with Dr. Tortora especially on the book “Understanding Electronic Dog-Training”. Since then, we have replicated the scientific literature over and over again even to go well beyond. It is time to tell the dog owning community of this valuable work in 2014. Thx, CJ

  • 3. SmartDogs  |  September 28, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    Hi Chad, I’d love to see recent work in that vein, especially in light of the AKC’s recent inane commentary on electronic training collars on FOX television.

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