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Trouble right here in River City!

For local readers an important bulletin just in from Fox 9 News:

Police in Red Wing, Minnesota are warning dog owners and residents of an outbreak of canine distemper.

Red Wing Police Chief Tim Sletten said the department has had to kill several fox and raccoons reported to be sick. A local veterinarian told police they are almost positive the sickness was caused by canine distemper.

Fox and raccoon are regular visitors to homes in the area. Stay smart, keep trash, pet food and other things that may attract the attention of wildlife secured from their attention. Keep your dog on leash, in your fenced yard or under your supervision – and make sure that his vaccinations are up to date. Be especially careful with puppies who are more susceptible to the disease.

If you see a wild animal that’s behaving oddly – STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM IT. And don’t let your pets harass or get near it. Or eat its feces. Don’t let dogs feed on carrion and if you find a dead animal, especially a coon or fox, wrap it securely in trash bags then throw it in the trash or bury it deeply where it’s not likely to be dug up and eaten or rolled in. Be sure to wear glovesnever touch a dead animal with your bare hands.

Because of the outbreak, the city is currently allowing citizens to dispose of animal carcasses at the incinerator at no cost.

Video (including shots of a city park where I sometimes walk the dogs) at the link.

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