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October 24, 2009 at 3:20 am 3 comments

The  ‘wolf’  purchased by an Austin, Minnesota area man through craiglist has turned out (as I suspected) to just be a nice largish prick-eared, double-coated white dog.

  • What kind of idiot buys (or sells) a wolf through craigslist?
  • Is the guy happy that the ‘dog’ doesn’t have to die or disappointed that it’s not a wolf?
  • Am I missing out on the financial opportunity of a lifetime by not collecting all the largish, double-coated, prick-eared dogs I can find and selling them to mountain-man wannabees through the interwebs?

I am pleased that, at least for once, it appears that sanity has prevailed.  The dog won’t die and it (allegedly) has found a home on a local farm.



Eurekalert reports that annoying chemical smells make us behave more generously.  Okay, what they really said was that  ‘clean’  smells do this but they described the source of the  ‘clean’  smell as citrus-scented Windex.  Yuck.  If you spritzed me with Windex I’d only be nice long enough to make you go the f**k away.  The researcher’s have supposedly proposed that similar scents could be used in place of surveillance and other “heavy-handed” modern security measures.  Hmmmm, how do you suppose that would have worked on Flight 93?

On a brighter note, perhaps eau de windex will turn out to be an appropriate substitute for the music of Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Pearl Jam and yes, even Neil Diamond (Aaack! Endless hours of Neil Diamond’s music would make me confess to anything…)  and save the US from the wrath of  UN delegates and pissed off artistes.

After weeks of rain — I can’t help but wonder how the smell of wet dog affects us (it appears to have a stong tendency to make me really lackadaisical about house cleaning)?  And… why do researchers seem to always choose bizarre (to me anyway) chemical smells like windex to use in their work?  Wouldn’t it a be a lot more interesting (and helpful) to study how the smells of wet dog, fresh tomatoes, baby poop, onions, wood smoke and freshly cut grass affected our psyches?

Did you know that there is an online magazine for postal workers?  Postalworkersonline has an entire section on dog attack stories.  I only browsed through a few pages.   The ‘dog’ bite stories (a few cat bites and at least one human attack are also included) posted ranged from mildly amusing to deeply disturbing.  The home page includes “CDC” dog bite data that lists a range of large working and northern breeds as those  most likely to bite – all of which are very commonly mistakenly identified by the public at large.  [sigh]  The site also prominently features information on dog bite legislation and ads for personal liability attorneys, lobbyists and pet supply retailers (at least when *I* clicked on it).  Too bad they didn’t think to include some helpful information on preventing dog bites.

Speaking of postal workers…   Last, but not least, brings us a new informational pamphlet published by the USPS with both Audie (who has a shoe fetish) and Charlie (who prefers fresh meat) in mind. Click here for big.


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Tricky Do Wolves Experience Mid-Life Crisis?

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  • 1. Rob Adler  |  October 26, 2009 at 4:35 am

    Someone actually tried buying and/or selling a wolf on craigslist? Now I’ve seen it all. Sigh.

  • 2. retrieverman  |  October 27, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Why would anyone want a pure wolf or even a wolf hybrid?

    You can buy breeds of dog that look like them and are far more reliable in temperament– the Tamaskan is the one I’m thinking of.

    My only exceptions to the no hybrids rule are the Czechoslovakian wolf dog (which is mostly German shepherd) and the Saarloos wolfhond (which is also mostly GSD). Those breeds may have wolf in them, but they have been bred to have more dog-like temperaments over the generations.

  • 3. mongo  |  October 30, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    “Am I missing out on the financial opportunity of a lifetime by not collecting all the largish, double-coated, prick-eared dogs I can find and selling them to mountain-man wannabees through the interwebs?”

    Yes. Yes, you are.
    Just as I am my friend are missing the opertunity to start our OWN business as pet psychics who do readings by telephone…
    We were all set- then kept going back to the whole “burn in hell for lying and stealing” thing.
    Darn it. We are too chicken to be true entrepeneurs….. ; )

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