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From Chas Clifton over at NatureBlog this link to a story on honey laundering. Sadly, instead of a how-to piece on extracting honey from the comb it’s an expose of [sigh] yet another scheme by Chinese businesses to sneak cheap, contaminated goods into foreign food supplies. We suggest you read the Telegraph story at the link — and make sure you’re buying local  honey.

One of my google alerts provided this interesting report on a possible link between canine aggression and an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.  A word of caution; the Italian researcher team made a point of noting that they found a correlation between omega-3 fatty acid deficiency but that they had found no evidence that the deficiency caused  increased aggression.  That said, omega-3’s are a pretty innocuous group of compounds, so if your dog’s “got issues” adding them to his diet shouldn’t be a problem. As usual, if you’ve got concerns – talk to your vet.

ChienDogBlog does a bangup job bashing AKC breed standards. Apparently kids who fail high school English now have two career choices.  They can go on to write really bad corporate memos, or get hired by AKC to invent breed standards.

Last, but certainly not least, from GunDogDoc this excellent video on The Tailgate Exam.  The file takes a while to load, but it’s well worth the wait.  Dr. Joe Spoo demonstrates how to give your dog a field examination that will help you detect — and prevent injuries.  Folks, this isn’t just for hunting dogs.  The owner of any dog that spends time outdoors needs to know these skills.  Go. Watch.

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