Happy Anniversary Audie!

August 3, 2008 at 8:59 pm Leave a comment

A year ago this weekend, young Audie was delivered to my door.  He was 3-months old and just exactly what I needed.

The day after he arrived he and I took our first field trip together, accompanied by his breeder, his mother, his sister and Zip the Kelpie.  We went to the River City Days celebration here in Red Wing.  The puppies, Audie and Rosie, got a great chance to experience crowds, food vendors, bicycles, yachts, loudspeakers and other dogs and Heather and I got a chance to catch up.  The crowd was fairly small, which made for a very relaxing trip.

One of the events we watched that year was a disc dog competition put on by the Minnesota Disc Dog Club.  We’d had the opportunity to meet Roo and Clara Yori – owners of the famous Wallace the Pit Bull (now joined in their home by pal Hector, a former Vick dog) – earlier that year, so we decided to stop by and watch them compete.

Its River City Days again this weekend so the Odd-Man (Audie’s nickname) and I decided to celebrate our one year anniversary by returning to Bay Point Park for the disc dog competition.  He’s not much more than a year old and we haven’t had much any time to practice, but he loves to fetch and he has a good recall – so we decided to enter the Toss and Fetch event.

Our first surprise of the day was that there would not be a Toss and Fetch event.  It was replaced by a new event, Catch 22, which requires a bit more finesse than the standard Toss and Fetch.  Toss and Fetch is a timed event where the human has 90 seconds to throw toss the disc for the dog to fetch.  Points are awarded for the length of the toss, for the dog catching the disc and for the dog to catching the disc with its feet off the ground.  Fairly simple.  Catch 22 involves three, approximately 20-foot square zones (I didn’t measure them, this is a guess) on the field located 20 yards apart.  The handler stands in the center zone with up to three discs.  The discs must be thrown in alternating directions to the two zones on each side of center.  Points are awarded for the dog catching the disc, catching off the ground, for novel throws and – the largest number of points awarded – when the dog catches the disc inside the box.

Oy!  More than we bargained for, but it was a beautiful day (cloudy with a light breeze and temps in the 70’s) and the disc dog folks are a friendly group, so we stuck around and entered the novice competition.  My throwing leaves a lot to be desired totally sucks,but despite that handicap, Audie performed well and took third place.  He won a Frisbee and a nice ribbon – and I split a strawberry-banana smoothie with him.  He had a great time.

The nice folks with the disc dog club took lots of photos and video.  We’ll post links here once they’re up.


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