6 Word Memoirs – Canine Edition: Update

July 3, 2008 at 6:00 pm Leave a comment

I sent the Six Word Memoir – Canine Edition idea to some of our friends in the dog world.  Here are their contributions.  Some witty, some touching, others just plain silly.  Enjoy!

Margot Woods of Applewoods Dog Training cleverly included her dogs’ names into their memoirs.

Where oh were is my Sanity? 

Former squirrel dancer, almost a Wrap.

Gift or Mercy turned out neither.

Will you please give to Charity?

Faith, pincher of silver tooth fame.

Hope was found – lost too soon.

Dancer – Made balls fall from the sky.

Xaney, a name to long remember.

Sharon Larson, The Canine Coach sent us these:

Ky:  I take my work VERY seriously.  

Mara: Throw Orbee, Frisbee, Jolly Ball NOW!

Corvus: I’ll thoughtfully watch from a distance.

Ledum: Zoom. Leap. I’ll make ‘em laugh.

Tringa: Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

Me: I am so very blessed.  (editor’s note: Sharon’s dogs can count, but she apparently can not ;-)

Cyndy Douan of the Georgia Dog Gym LLC:


Tout de Suite:  Border Collie in a Pug Suit.

Tyler:  Play Hard, then Crash Harder.

Trick Pony:  Why do I feel so retarded?

Me:  Savor Life. The time is short.

Linda Kaim of Coeur d’ Lion K9 Behavior Management offered these:

Cotton: Pointer and best dog ever.I love work, really I do…. 

Franklin: Pug, AKA Franklin-SteinI really love watching Cotton work.

Butter: Bull Terrorist, believes cats should be a regular staple in her diet: Work? Huh? Play and eat cats.

Me: Cotton! Franklin! Butter!  KNOCK IT OFF!

Amy Lorentz of Steadfast Canine:
Piper: Work is for others. Watch bunnies. 

Harper: I want it. Corrections change nothing.

Drummer: Bring birds! Bring turtles! Stay wet!

From my friend Eleanor Herrick:
Ruby:  We get along because we’re alike. 

Jada:  Must run. Must Run. Must. Run.

Hannah:  No, I won’t, but I’m cute.

Preacher:  Here it is. Please throw it.

Robin Katherine Rubin of Mannerly Mutts sent us these:

Jackie (4 yr dobe male red):  Trouble my name.   Work keeps sane.  

Leon (3 1/2 year dobe male red):  Work is fun.   Mellow when done.

Jazzy (15 year old girl Doberman):  I miss running. Oh, and annihilating.

Beth Goodbody:

Star:  I am so cute.  No doubts. 

Trip:  Trip, damn glad to meet you.

Wojo:  I worry.  I work.  Go away.

Me:  German shepherds and beer.  Very good.

If we missed your submission, please let us know.  We’ll be glad to add updates!

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