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Peregrines and Propane

Our house and the adjacent training center are both heated by propane-powered radiant heat systems.  Boilers heat water that’s piped through the floor of both buildings.  The floors then act as very large, low-temperature radiators.  Its a simple and energy-efficient way of heating.  We live in a rural area and purchase our propane from a local agricultural cooperative.

With the recent spring melt, the ground soft and muddy.  Since both of our propane tanks are hidden in the edge of the woods behind each building it can be a bit difficult to fill them this time of year.  So I shouldn’t really have been surprised to see a man snooping through the woods there yesterday.  But our place is located at the end of a quarter-mile long driveway so ANY time I see a person wandering around here I think its prudent to investigate.

I recognized our regular propane delivery man when I was halfway out to greet him.  As we chatted about dogs, propane and the weather, he mentioned that the co-op had installed a bird-cam to monitor a peregrine falcon nesting box located near the top of the down-town elevator. 

I checked out the webcam and saw that Husker and her mate are currently caring for a clutch of three eggs.  According to local papers, Husker has been nesting at this spot since 2000 and has successfully raised 18 eyasses (baby falcons) in that time.

Caution!  The webcam appears to be highly addictive.  Not long after I logged into it for the first time the smaller male returned to trade places with his mate.  I watched as they greeted each other, she took off and he settled himself over the eggs.

Click on the screen shot below to access the webcam.  You’ll need to install an activeX control to watch the video. 

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