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February 15, 2008 at 6:02 am 1 comment

Tuesday BBC News reported that the Edinburgh City Council approved a plan to enforce ‘dog fouling’ laws using a van equipped with video cameras that will record violations on the spot along with wardens who will immediately issue citations.  I must say that I think it’s a wonderful idea.


While I realize that some people might think that this is a bit of an extreme reaction to an excess of dog poop, I must say that I think it’s a fantastic idea.  Irresponsible dog owners that allow their dogs to eliminate indiscriminately and refuse to pick up after them are one of the main factors contributing to the ever growing list of public places that ban the presence of pet dogs.  Add to that inattentive owners who think that simply holding on to one end of a Flexi-Lead is an acceptable substitute for supervising their dog’s behaviorand we end up with a plague of dog-related problems across the country.

Just think what we could accomplish if (taking the Scots as an example) regular people started to use their cellphones and digital cameras to capture photos and video clips of the misdeeds of  rude, thoughtless dog owners. Imagine using technology to expose the misdeeds of millions of people who, in their thoughtless laziness and irresponsibility, are robbing responsible dog owners of their rights all over the world. 

Why waste your time trying to capture Brittany’s latest breakdown, Pamela Anderson’s most recent public sex act or Amy Winehouse’s latest fix on tape.  Not only are you competing with thousands of predatory professional photographers – but WHO FREAKIN’ CARES!  If, as a society, we spent one tenth of the time we devote to the pointless perusal of the puerile pursuits of pretty people publicized as a purely provocative pastime to championing civilized conduct by common citizens who care about causes JUST THINK WHAT WE COULD ACCOMPLISH! 

Maybe what we need right now is a grassroots movement for Responsible Dog Ownership.  If we work together to expose those who ignore leash laws, let their dogs poop indiscriminately and otherwise resfuse to take RESPONSBILITY for their dogs – just think what we could accomplish!

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The Threat is Real Do You Hear What I Hear?

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  • 1. Casey  |  April 15, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Regarding policing dog owners. You r f—ing crazy. Big government is bad. The government controlling peoples lifes is wrong. If you allow or encourage the ideas they have, then you are sealing your own fate as a country. This is just one thing, let them institute a law such as this and it opens the door for other laws restricting your pursute of happyness and controlling your life. Say NO to big government. As far a citizens taking controll of the situation thats a better idea, but it will cause problems and people will get hurt, (you get me in trouble for something stupid like that and i find out who did it, they will pay for it)! Why dont you worry about yourself and not everyone else. its people like you who allow bad laws to get passed and who cause most of the problems in this world. Mind your own business and stay out of other peoples. What we need is a grass roots movment to shrink big government and to promote personall responsability. To get rid of all of the fat cats in politics. Government should be a part time job. It is supposedly for the people by the people. NOT!!!!! Its about taking money from people and using it for their own good. Its about telling you what to do, because you r too stupid to decide for yourselves, at least thats what politicians think.

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